Jake Moncur and Tori Schmanski

Jake Moncur and Tori Schmanski

This was taken by me on the last day of school towards the end of the day.. these two are unseprible!! I just love em'! Tori i love you so dang much!!

Dont try this at home

I think that on this very day tori came to school and told me she heard that if you pushed your belly button in hard enough you would pass out. So for some reason we decided to test this theory to see if it really worked. We both pushed our belly buttons in as hard as we could until we fell on the floor laughing. All that happened is that we had a stomach ache for the rest of the day; so kids, dont try this at home :-)

ThIs Is tHe BeSt!

This pic is forsurley the best picture they are both just oh so cute! and Tori is amazingly gorgeous and still is and i love her so mucy! muah!