Speaking of accidents

Hello everyone.

Well I didn't have the pleasure to meet Tori, but if so many people are writting here, she must have been a very pleasant person to be with =)

I read the story on how she was helping her cousins get out... and I can relate to her because on Oct the 2nd 2005, I saw someone on the side of the road that had just gotten on an accident, stopped to help, and while helping, a drunk driver with a Ford explorer 2005 going 90 Mph, came and clipped the car we were helping, then my friend (he made it out of the way, he is the only one that saw her coming) then another guy that had also stopped to help, and then me.

Well you can only imagine what a car at that speed... and that size can do to you, well the other guy that was hit, exploded internally, I think 50% of his organs did. Me... didn't break a bone! but my memory, neck and back are messed up.

It's gonna be a slow recovery but I will recover, and I know Tori, though she wasn't as lucky, will recover as well. It's all a matter of will, and aparently she has a lot of that one =) best of lucks to her and I will keep in contact through this method.