Silly Photo-machine shots

Silly Photo-machine shots

This is a scan of a 4 photo-machine pictures. Not sure what they were drinking...

so fun

haha these pictures make me so happy! Tori, me, Starlee and Chelsie(the other girl in the pics)used to play every saturday after dance and our fav. things to do were go to the mall and make movies. I can remember taking pictures in those booths in the mall all the time and we would try to squeeze all four of us in at a time! but it never worked out very well so we would each donate 2 dollars so we could all have pictures with each other :)

An Icee!

Haha, they were drinking an Icee...YUM :9..tori is SUCH a beautiful girl!!

tori with braces

I love seeing pictures of Tori with braces. I didn't really know her when she had them. so yeah i love it haha! Tori is Beautiful!!! i love you tori keep fighing! you can do it

braces off

Tori always looks so good. even with braces. I remember when Tori got them off! all day she was saying how slimy her teeth were and when I got my braces off I thought of her and how right she was!