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I don't personally know Tori, but i was just wondering is anyone doing a tree for the festival of trees for Tori? My family is doing one for our ward, and i was just thinking and wondering if one was being done for Tori?

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Maria is in the process of doing a tree for Tori and now has her confirmation number!! It is in the 5 foot tall tree category.

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I will look forward to seeing the tree for Tori, I'm sure it will be fantastic!! I believe ours is in the 7ft category.

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I will have to ask Tim to confirm, but Whitney told me that Maria herself is preparing a tree for the festival. Whitney, Grandma Schmanski, aunt Lori, aunt Laurie and Sophie have been helping Tori's mom picking out ornamements I believe (no one asked me :-) ). The tree will be dedicated to Tori and her passion for Dance. Quite convinced that it will be transpiring love.

Thank you, and I hope that we will get to see your tree as well up there,

our tree

Our tree is going to be a fishing and outdoors type tree. it is going to be dedicated to a friend of a friend more or less. Her baby was born 1 month early with out a brain, only a brain stem. The doctors said he would have no qaulity of life whatsoever and they did not except him to live more than an hour, well he did, but he had to be on heart monitors, oxygen, a feeding tube, because he also has a cleff pallat, and he has seizures. He is missing one eye, and they don't think he can hear out of his one ear. They did not know what his outcome would be, he is now 8-9 mos. old!! He still can't do things a normal baby of that age could, but he is alive and can look around and play somewhat. The doctors are baffled and have no idea what to think they are taking it day by day. so all in all we are dedicating our tree to him and all the obstacles he has been able to live through.

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I was just talking to Sophie about this and I came to wonder if maybe others didn't know the context behind the Utah "Festival of Trees".

First of all, the festival is an holiday celebration intended to help children at Primary Children's Medical Center.

It is held this year again at the South Towne Expo Center.
The exposition will be opened Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3, 2005

The Festival of Trees was conceived in 1971 when a hospital volunteer vacationed in Hawaii and attended a Christmas boutique featuring small decorated Christmas trees, centerpieces, and Christmas decorations. The Festival of Trees Board expanded the concept to include full-sized decorated Christmas trees, a gift boutique, and a sweet shop. ...

You can find out more about it at www.thechildfirstandalways.com


Tori's Tree

It is a real beautiful tree. You guys did a really good job. Everything it is really cute. It really is a dancers tree, I love the real ballet slippers and the crystal ballerina outfit are just amazing.

FYI: Festival of Trees has begun

The Festival of Trees has now started and it runs through this Saturday and is open from 10am to 10pm. Tori's tree is in the 'Small' tree area. Pictures are coming as soon as I can make it over there...


Festival of Tree pictures are posted

You can view them in the Latest images section of the Pray4Tori site.


The tree is absolutely beautiful!!! A dancer's dream tree.