Gorgeous Tori

Gorgeous Tori



I just love this picture of Tori, she is so beautiful! And so lucky for looking gorgeous without any make-up!!! Tori, we dont know each other at all but i hope that one day we get to meet and be friends! And then you can make me all pretty like you (ya thats impossible i know but you could try ;) )
~Tuare aka T~


If you just sit there and look at her.. She lights up the WHOLE room!! she is way beautiful!! I LOVE YOU TORI!!!!


A beautiful physical feature of ToRi's

One more thing... I love ToRi's collar bone! Haha I know that sounds weird...but look at it. It's so definite and makes her shoulders look so square. She has a great neckline! Love you TS!

I have to say, Tori does

I have to say, Tori does look pretty dang sexy! Haha. Just look at her eyes, no mascara at all! She is so lucky that she can wear no make-up at all and look that great! Let's just say, she takes after her gorgeous mother! I love you ToRi SchmAnski!


tori you look HOT!!! i love looking at yhour pictures because you are soo pretty!!