New Tori bracelet with prayer box

New Tori bracelet with prayer box

I am not sure what the name of this bracelet happens to be but it is very pretty.

Grandma Schmanski made a few and brought them over so we could take a picture of them.

If anyone wants sterling silver bracelets of this type we will make some. Just comment on this picture if you have an interest.


Love this!

Are these particular ones for sale yet?

:) Thanks!


Re: Love this!

Yes!! By popular demand, we have made both styles of the Sterling Silver bracelets available here. If paying via Paypal is not an option, there is an order sheet at the Dance Club in Orem, Utah or just send an email to with your request and arrangements can be made.

Please allow 7-10 days to fulfill the order. The majority of the people who have ordered so far are getting them to give give as great Christmas gifts!! :-)

love it!!

This bracelet is so gorgeous!! i would love to get one!!

I like this bracelet

I like this bracelet a lot! Its very cute! I would like to get one if you could tell me how!