New 'Dance4Tori' bracelet

New 'Dance4Tori' bracelet

This is a picture of the new 'Dance4Tori' bracelet.

Sophie, Whitney and Guy took this picture this evening. We didn't have the right light or the right flash. So Whitney had to climb on the kitchen counter-top and hold a white kitchen platter (closest thing to a flash reflector we had) above the bracelet. We had fun but the orange didn't work out for color extraction. We will take more photos this week.

If anyone wants sterling silver bracelets of this type we will make some. Just comment on this picture if you have an interest.

Good night every one,

I would LOVE to get one of

I would LOVE to get one of those bracelets. Just name the price!! They are beautiful!
-Bree B Hafen

These Bracelets...

These Bracelets really are cute tim.
Michelle Galbraith

Sterling Sliver Bracelets

I would like one, maybe of each. They are really cute and adorable.