Tori and Jake

Tori and Jake

Tim mentioned that Tori liked this shot very much...

Let me just tell you...

YA know... i just love this picture of Tori~ her eyes are sooo pretty! Tori is just a beatiful girl!i just absolutly LOVE this picture!!!


ya know what i just discovered.. her eyes in this are the eyes of hers at the top of the webpage. hahaha. thats so cool. she is so pretty right here. i like it. her eyes are pretty so.. i dont blame them for cuttin them out. and jake.. what a cutie.
mckenzie lambright :)

Her eyes are pretty indeed

Kenzie, she indeed has gorgeous eyes. Emphasing them was the designer's idea. I asked that we try to capture her smile but this just striked the both of us as a great way to communicate how Alive she is.

Some people reported they feel like she is somehow starring at them. I find it comforting.

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