Tori Sleeping

Tori Sleeping

I found this on Tori's MySpace...I don't think that it is on this website yet so here ya go!


Ah Tori you are so beautiful! Gall and even when you are sleeping! haha. You really are though!

I remember this........

We were on our way somewhere and my mom was in the front and she had us act like we were asleep! Me and Tori were laughing so hard, but it does not show!

She really is so beautiful...

She really is so beautiful all of the time!! we love you tori!!!Michelle Galbraith

ive seen this pic

I've seen this pic in myspace, like I was browsing through pages and in this kids friends Tori was there so i click on her and go through her pics and saw this one, she is soooooo beautiful!!
~Tuare aka T~

Tori is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Tori is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! Even when she is sleeping!!! I love you Tori!! Keep it up.