someone else we need to pray for!!!

there is a boy and a friend of mine at my school named brady
he was life flighted to primary childrens hospital yesterday morning with spinal meningitis. I have just been informed that he has had two strokes and is now in a coma, the chance of his survival is very slim. he needs our help please keep him as well as tori in your prayers! miracles happen!!!!

Jamie Palica

I can't even beleive it

I can't even beleive that. I didn't even see him too long ago. that makes me so sad. But all of my love goes out to his family they're such sweet people.
Michelle Galbraith

brady will be missed ..

i want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my friend brady ... he passed away this morning. he will be greatly missed and he will always be in my heart. there is a brady jensen memorial fund if anyone is interested , please visit


We are sorry to hear about Brady's passing

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


The Schmanski Family

Brady's passing

Big hugs and prayers to Brady and his family. We have you in our hearts..
Marilyn Hess and Kenzie Lambright


I AM SO SORRY THAT IS HORRIBLE!! I LOVE YOU!!! even though you don't know me!

Im so sad to hear about

Im so sad to hear about brady. My little brother has played on his little brothers soccer team and on monday they dedicated there game to brady. it made me sad to hear about him and i no he will be truly missed.

Simular Situation

Today i got hit at cheer and had to go to the ER for x-rays and while i was there a patient arrived. There were two teenagers and a older man with her. They said they found her swimming in the lake and she was screaming for help she had been swimming for a long time and was cramping up. They dont know how she fell in but as they approached her she was starting to drown. They put her in their boat and rushed her to their truck, where they took her to Orem Community hospital. When they arrived she had hypothermia and was severly cramped and couldnt talk. They started working on her and getting her vital signs and putting blankets on her to try and warm her up. After a little while they found out who her foster parents were and they were contacted emidiately. It turns out she is from Alpine and was with some friends, right before i left they were getting ready to life flight her to Primary Childrens hospital. It really touhched me and made me really think about Tori. I just think it would really help and mean a lot if everyone prayed for her to recover as well as tori has already. She is a very beautiful girl and as we all know miracles do happen, and hopefully she recovers back to normal.

Jamie-How is your friend


How is your friend doing? I work on CMU at Primary's and I know he is still in the PICU. Is he doing any better?

i am not sure .. right now

i am not sure .. right now .. they are hoping he has brain activity .. if u want to see how he is doing go to .. thank you all for your support keep praying .. miracles happen!!

thank you so much

thank you so much everyone!!!!!

I know i was so suprised...

I know i was so suprised to hear what happened to him i know him and the rest of his family so it was a big shock. thanks for posting it jamie.
Michelle Galbraith


I am so sorry to hear about Brady. He fought hard and Heavenly Father had plans for him. I think the remodel in the Primary Childrens waiting room is a wonderful thing his family is doing. Be strong and remember that out of tragedy often comes a blessing.

i had spinal meningitis too

i had spinal meningitis too a while back and it's not fun. i will definetely keep him in my prayers too.

he goes to centennial middle

he goes to centennial middle school , thanks you so much! .. he really needs our prayers and help !!


he will definitly be in my prayers!

i will pray for him, as well as Tori

hey, what school did he go to? and of course i will pray for him. i am sorry. but like you said, miracles do happen!!


Although I didn't know Brady I know his parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts very well. I have been friends with the Jensen family(brady's dad and family) since I was in kindergarten and I am now 38 years old. My mom and Brady's grandma have been best friends for so long. I love the Jensen family and I wish that I had known Brady but his family lived in Arizona for a long time so I didn't really keep in touch with them but I have his two aunts that live locally. I went to the funeral yesterday and I was so impressed with the support that they had from people in the ward and outside the ward. It was a beautiful funeral service and Brady sounds like a wonderful boy. He had an uncle named Justin that also died at 14 due to a car/bike accident. Brady reminded me a lot of his Uncle Justin and the personality that Justin had as a young boy. My prayers and thought are definitely with the Jensen family right now and as always I am still praying for Tori as well. Until later.

Crystal Kelly Evans