PB&J Pray 4 Tori

PB&J Pray 4 Tori

i got really hungry while waiting for the daily updates on tori to come


this is a really cool picture, it really shows how much you care, im glad she has friends like all ya guys! - Becca Merryweather

Can't say she's not on your

Can't say she's not on your mind constantly too! Shirley

Peanut butter sandwich

This is very creative. I am sure it would be hard to make such a sandwich here in Dublin, Ireland.

Only 2 more cities and I am coming home!

Paris, France >
  Barcelona, Spain >
   Sitges, Spain >
    Villafranca, Spain >
     Barcelona, Spain >
      Paris, France >
       Strasbourg, France >
        Paris, France >
         Nuremberg, Germany >
          Dusseldorf, Germany >
           Dublin, Ireland

I am so ready to go home and visit with Tim, Maria and the kids of course.

If anyone has Nutella available, fix yourself a Pray4Tori nutella sandwich for me please and enjoy it!



Thats so cool i love it!! haha Good job Jake.


haha jake this is cute! it makes me hungry at the same time. that's awesome that you put pray 4 tori on your sandwhich. i love it! tori, i love you so much! you are doing AMAZING! keep it up! you're in my prayers!!!!


i would never of think to do that. jake you are seriously awesome and helped so much!!