Company Showcase schedule

Company Showcase schedule

Here is the show schedule for the Dance Club Company Showcase.


yes. preparing and doing this concert was the hardest thing i have ever done. cleaning the dances and toris not that just killed us all. but we pulled through and did our best. yes .. and concrete angel was the hardest one.. the song.. is kinda off.. but.. like. the meaning of it. and i saw maria and tim in the croud and i just watched them the whole time and maria was bawling and i just ached inside.. and it made me just dance harder and better. yeah.. i couldn't keep in the tears but i tried to make it the best for her parents. i know that was hard for them. when we all got offstage we just hugged and cried. this has brought all of us so close together. we jsut need tori and it will be perfect.

mckenzie lambright

mckenzie lambright :)

Dance Concert

This concert was very long but heart i sat there for about three hours watching all the girls dance in dedication of Tori. The hardest dance for me was watching.. "concrete angel".. you can also tell that it was hard for the dancers as well..i noticed some of them were even crying, along with me..just letting you know you all did AWESOME!! and Tori you are in our prayers!!