Can't help but think of your family

I almost can imagine what your family is feeling. My son is also recovering from a TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury. He is just over a year from his traumatic and life changing accident. When I told him that someone else had a Traumatic Brain Injury, he was very curious as to what happened to Tori. He thought that he was singled out and that no one else had the injury that he has. We also had a chance to meet a little boy who is also 8 like my son that has a TBI. They were able to work together at therapy. Hearing Tori's story and sharing it with my son has brought back memories from PCMC and all the sleepless nights wondering if he was going to come home with us after all. It also has helped my son to realize finally what has happened to him. He has short term memory problems along with a long list of others but it helps us to share the story with him. I am so happy that Tori has come to UVRMC, so that your family can be closer to home. Please remember your other children and yourselves. Sometimes we get so wrapped up with it that we just don't realize we are letting other things go. I know this first hand and I am not trying to preach but it can really take a toll on everything. Following your story has helped me to deal with the pain and anger that I am feeling with my sons accident. I am reminded everyday with him not being himself that he is just not the son that I had before he was hurt. You are going to have major trials when you get home. Please stay strong and close to each other, this will help to keep everything together.