Oceanside Mall Pray4Tori Dance

Oceanside Mall Pray4Tori Dance

Over 100 kids performed in the recent Pray4Tori dance at the Oceanside Mall in California.


This is the COOLEST thing ever!!! i love it!!! is there anyway we could get more of those PRAY 4 TORI shirts? if we could that would be FANTASTIC!!!. thanks so much!
-Annie Davis

More Pray4Tori Shirts are coming!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in the process of placing an order for the Pray4Tori Shirts just like in the pictures. It might take a week or two but they are coming.


Thanks TIM!

Thanks you so VERY MUCH TIM!! i can't wait untill they come in! thanks again.

I enjoyed dancing 4 tori!!

Dancing for tori was so much fun!!!! I enjoyed dancing and supporting tori at the same time. Tori, we are all praying for you and waiting for you to get better. We all support you and luv you very much even if we don't really know you. But, I hope that will change.
luv ya lotz,

I had fun doing this dance for tori

i was happy to do that dance for tori! I hope if she gets a chance to see this picture. That we are all praying 4 her. I hope that all of us at Dance Unlimited will get 2 meet her someday.
Love Always,
a dancer from dance unlimited

i love the tee shirts!

i really like those shirts .. is there anyway you can make more and send them? .. let me know.

Jamie Palica

Tori Tee Shirts

Is there a way that I can send a check or something for one of those Tee shirts and for a bracelet. If I could that would be fantastic. Thank you. Call me if you have a question or an answer. Thank You so much. # 735-3562 of if you need help w/more fundrasiers i'll be more than happy too.

Oh my gosh!!

What a great looking group! How can Tori not get better with all this love and support!! Way to go kids. Also Dance Unlimited, what a great way to get the word out for Tori! Thank you!



It's super cool!
Make me want to cry...

Love you all



oh my gosh that is soo awesome about how many kids there are!!! There's so many. I bet Tori is going to be so loved.. well she already is but WOW... this defintely show's how much people love her.

Dance Unlimited!

I can't believe how awesome you guys are! That picture of all those kids in Pray4Tori shirts choked me up! I know that Tori would not believe all of this love and support she is getting from around the world! Thank you so much for continuing to talk about her to all of your students! You guys are awesome!!!!

That performance felt awesome!!!

I had SOOOOO much fun doing this mall mix and knowing that we were doing to show support for Tori it felt AWESOME!!Tori. i know you get this a lot but you'll here it thousands of times! WE ALL ARE PRAYING FOR YOU! We all love you, even though we havent met (which i hope someday not just me but everyone at Dance Unlimited can meet u!we pray for u!
Love always and forever,

that's so awesome!!!

That's so awesome that you guys would do this for tori!! I love it! And seeign all of you in those shirts for tori is so great!! THank you so much!!
Michelle Galbraith

i am so happy you made an

i am so happy you made an order for them .. i really would like one .. when they get here can u please let me know how i can get one! .. thanks!

How Fantastic!

How fantastic is that! You guys look awsome! Thanks for helping to get the message out for Tori!


This picture was so touching! You guys are awesome. It is neat to see how much you were touched by Tori's story at Dance Attack! Thanks for caring about Tori!
-Emily Hoover