Tori's new pants for Christmas

Tori's new pants for Christmas

Tori's new pants!!

did she just wake up and look that great?

Woh...did she just wake up? How does she look that great! I guess it's not a suprise...that's Tori for ya..Soooo Beautiful!

toris pants

yes these were like toris favroite pants. she wore them like every day to school, well not really but alot ya know. it was so funny. she would always get in trouble from the principal becuase your not supposed to have holes above your knees or wahtever. and he would say if u ever wear those again he will send her home. she didnt care she would wear them the next day. haha its the best. yep you need to gain ur weight back before you can wear those again, haha i love ya tori!!