Tori, we are sending you love from Barcelona

Dear Tori,

After a few days in Paris, France, Sophie and I are now in Barcelona, Spain.

We of course think about you every hour of the day and wish that you will recover from this pneumonia promptly. There is no doubt that Tim and Maria are taking care of you like no other parent would. Their dedication in you is amazing.

Someone posted recently that you should be proud of the faith and conviction they have placed in you and indeed you should. There is no doubt about that.

Take care,

You are missed!

Guy and Sophie!
I just want you to know that you are already missed!! Big Time! I know what a strength you are to Tim and Maria and your absence is hard for them. Itsn't it great to have such good friends! I love seeing your friendship with them, it is quite touching!
I love you guys,