For Every Body Pray4Tori candles

The wonderful people at For Every Body have now created the beautiful Pray4Tori Candles and the heart warming display at the University Mall in Orem, Utah. Thank you so much Becky, Jeremy and everyone else at For Every Body who contributed on this project!! Here is a picture of the full display and actually seeing the it in person is truly moving and recommended for anyone who lives close enough to Orem.

The Pray4Tori Candles are now also available to order!! There are 6 candles available online now. They are only $14.00 each and all donations go into the Tori Schmanski Fund.

The For Every Body store in the University Mall currently has a wide variety of Pray4Tori candles to purchase as well. The Dance Club in Orem will also have some in stock early next week.

Thanks everyone for your continued love, prayers and support for Tori!!

Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan

Tori :)

This is so cool. Everyone has done so much for Tori. It's so amazing!! :) Those candles are the greatest thing ever!! i miss you so dang much tori... and i love you!

p.s. i miss all you guys in utah :(...

For Every Body Candles!!

I am sooo excited to go get my own For Every Body pray4TORI candle!! I am so excited for my trip to the mall on Friday! I know that seeing Tori's gorgeous face on the display of that store will make me so happy! I will be so proud that I know the beautiful girl in the window!! I love you Tori! As Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) says in Dumb and Dumber, "Be Strong." Go Tori! Love, Kara lou!

All 6 Pray4Tori candles now available online!!

All 6 of the For Every Body Pray4Tori Candles are now available online. The 6 scents are the top sellers at For Every Body and they all smell soooo good!! :-)

Our great friends at For Every Body have also decided to create and place Pray4Tori posters and candles in ALL of their stores nationwide!! Isn't that incredible?!? Thank you all so much once again!!

-Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan

these are so awesome .. i

these are so awesome .. i want to go and like buy every candle .. haha .. i think it is so amazing how many great people are in this world that care so much about tori! .. i just love it!

Jamie palica

Super Cool! ahha

These are THE coolest things ever!!! im so EXCITED for them. tori is AWSOME!! i love you tori!
-Annie Davis :)