caught by the police

this morning my mom was taking my 8 year old sister madison to the bus stop when an orem police man pulled up behind her car. Her first thought was " oh no " what did i do? she was scared to death being in her pajamas and all , when he wanted her to roll down the window. His first words were .. who is tori? and what happend to her? we have seen these cars all over the city not knowing who or what happend. My mom explained what happend and told him to visit this website. You can imagine she was really relieved .. haha!

Jamie Palica


Haha! I remember thinking " uh oh " too! Haha! And I am nine not eight!

- Maddie Palica

Re: caught by the police

That is a great and humorous story Jamie!! Guy, Sophie and I were in Tori's room when we read it and we were all laughing :-)

Thank you for sharing!!