4 weeks

It is with an unbearable apprehension that I am getting ready to leave Utah for proximately 4 weeks. This is pretty typical and would not be a big deal at all if it wasn't for Tori Schmanski.

Let me put something in perspective: every time Tori did something that required extended family attention I have been away.

Whether it was because we didn't know where she was one evening, lied to her parent (or grand-parents) and didn't actually go where she was supposed to, needed to be pickup from some place and many others, I would always be at least several hundred miles away (and usually on another continent).

But I always knew she had enough common sense to not put herself in too much trouble. Everyone always mentions how pretty she is but the most striking thing about her is probably how smart she is (expect when she is being silly of course).

This time, Sophie will not be with Tim and Maria. She is coming with me. This time, Tori is not really able to use her intelligence to pull herself out of a tricky situation.

She has the most loving family. Not only Tim and Maria are always by her side and provide care to her, her brother, sister and grand-parents are there with her as well. After 70 days, I understand what Tim means by figuring out Tori's needs faster than the medical staff who hasn't been around her enough yet. We hope that they will quickly adapt to her way and make Tim and Maria feel comfortable about the care they are providing to her.

In a week from now, Sophie and I will probably be sitting somewhere in Paris, France thinking about Tori. One more time, we are going to explore things, in search for the ultimate Paris experience so that, in due time, Tori and Whitney can join us on our “City of Lights adventure”. Making people discover Paris is one of my favorite thing in the world and I can't wait to do it with them!

Live Strong,