SantaClara - Nicole Abi Mollie Kara Tori

SantaClara - Nicole Abi Mollie Kara Tori

... "But, I did find this picture that wasn't posted on the website." ...

--Kara :)

Santa Clara-Nicole Abi Mollee Kara TORI

Haha thanks Guy for posting that for me. I love this picture of Tori. I remember asking her how she can be so beautiful when we got 3 hours of sleep at the most, woke up at 4 am, and got on a plane by 6:30am. She had NO makeup on whatsoever and looked this great! What a true beauty! I love you Tori, you gorgeous girl!...hahah I just looked at Nicole's face in this picture...that's great.


Thanks guys for putting up that picture! I remember when Tori was so freaking hiper hahahahah! I was all Tori where is the energy coming from?? and she said the best thing that i will remeber forever!..... IF YOUR WITH YOUR TEAM WHY NOT MAKE IT WORTH WHILE AND NOT BE GRUMPY AND MEAN TO EACHOTHER.... i am not sure if those are the exact words but thats the key subject so yeah teens lets step it up for tori and not ever fight about ANYTHING!!!!!!