Who wants to help Tori?? A donation support option for anyone interested

Hello everyone,

I spent some of my day experimenting with bracelet and donation displays for use at convenience stores, retailers, schools or basically anywhere there might be people. I believe the displays turned out very nicely and they are now located at several gas stations in the north Orem area. The concept would work great in basically any town or city.

The display consists of two clear plastic containers taped together with an informational display page on Tori taped over them. One container has 50-60 bracelets in it and the other is for the donations per bracelet. Here are pictures of the front and back. Notice the bracelet taped on top of the lid as well. I bought the containers at my local Family Dollar store and I'm sure any of you could fabricate a similar display. The listed bracelet price can also be altered depending on your area and needs ($2, $3, $4, $5, etc..).

I would like to offer my assistance in providing the needed bracelets and the informational display page on Tori to ANYONE out there wanting to set something like this up in his or her neighborhood or community. This is a tremendous opportunity for anyone interested and looking for ideas on how to help support Tori. Again, I will supply ALL of the needed bracelets and your only responsibilities would be to create and place the displays, gather the donations as needed and monitor the bracelet supplies. This is a pretty straight forward approach.

A simple, single donation container without bracelets could also be created and in this case I would supply the informational display page on Tori.

If there are any takers on this offer please send an email to donate2tori@pray4tori.com with your name, address and telephone number and I will coordinate with you directly. Based on your location, the bracelets and informational display page on Tori could be picked up at my home in Orem or delivered to you. We obviously want to closely track each and every person volunteering to make sure all of the donation displays are genuine.

Thanks for listening and I am hoping many of you take us up on this offer!! We would probably do more of it ourselves but our time is more directly centered around Tori at this moment as it should be.

Thanks again,

Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney, Brendan and the entire, extended Schmanski Family

I am up for it

I would be more than welcome to help out for Tori's sake! If there is absolutly any way i can help please let me know! racingbabe2504@hotmail.com
-Amanda Hawkes-