One of the many Pray 4 Tori signs on a car

One of the many Pray 4 Tori signs on a car

This is a picture of a car taken in The Dance Club parking lot.

Look at the car to the left of it...

The car in front of it (top-left) also has one on its back window as well. That's a great display of affection for Tori.

There were MANY cars with the signs!!

It was awesome to see them all lined up. I took photos of others but they are not posted yet and I ran out of memory space in my camera when taking them all...

I want to give I GREAT BIG thank you to all of the car owners displaying "Pray for Tori" on their cars. I have heard so many stories of people asking "Who is Tori?" and they are all so wonderful.



Today I was driving down the street in American Fork on our way to see Tori, and a woman pulled up next to us at the light and rolled down her window and asked " What happened to Tori?" So while the light was red I quickly told her and she said.... I will include her in my prayers and put her name in the Temple! How cute is that?

This is the kind of response we are getting every where. While the girls were putting the signs up and sticking cups in fences, people would stop and ask us about it. It felt good to get that kind of response...

I sent emails to everyone I know and told them to pray for Tori. I have a friend in Hong Kong who wrote me back and said that he would put Tori's name in the Temple there and he and his family would include her in their prayers. I know that many people around the world are united in prayer for this special girl!!!