Tim and the new Pray4Tori shirt (front)

Tim and the new Pray4Tori shirt (front)

The fish tank didn't have a 'clown' fish in it. We figured Tim could fill in for a little bit, at least long enough to take a picture of the new T-Shirts made in Tori's name.

We are quite pleased with the way they turned out. The design was a little complex but it turned out really great.


We want a couple

Ok...now we get one of your shirts-or two. That came out so sweet. We dig it! Awesome design. Let us know how we can get them. Remember those shirts are in the contest too. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve, so get working.
Let's not forget the true reason we started this... we are so glad to keep hearing Tori's progress. Once again Tim from Eddie you are a father to be modeled after!
Heather & Eddie