Brendan modeling his P4T shirt

Brendan modeling his P4T shirt

Here is Brendan posing and ready to go to school today.

Clearly taking the lead

Buster is taking the lead here but no one should overlook Michelle's design.

Let's keep voting. I agree with Jill and Donny, this one is a great shirt too.


Brendans shirt

The judges scores at my house were a combined score of 30 by three judges. Judge #1-Kristin liked Brendan's modeling pose especially the hand movement, she gave him a 10. Judge #2- Cameron also scored Brendan with a 10, she liked the fact that he accessorized with the Pray 4 Tori ankle braclet. Judge #3-that would be me, Janine, also gave Brendan a 10 for just being so dang CUTE!!!
So three 10's from the Kopff's in MN.


Re: Brendans shirt

Brendan is taking the lead but it is far for over! :-) Get better buddy, I hope you get rid of that cough very soon.

Thanks Janine,

PS: you should all read this comment that Tim posted recently here. This is so moving that the only thing I could think of was:
"I hope readers out there who pray will pray that one day Tori will be able to read this one comment on her own."

You are so freaking cute!

Brendan you are so freaking cute keep it up!

You are too cute!!

Brendan you are too cute! He really is a stud!

Michelle Galbraith:)

well.. everyone else has

well.. everyone else has propped this little cutie.. so.. need i say more? haha.

mckenzie lambright :)

What a little cutie!

Brendan looks so dang cute modeling his pray 4 Tori T-shirt. He's gonna have a way with the ladies.

aww he is like the cutest

aww he is like the cutest little boy i have ever seen!

what a little stud!!

what a stud!

Can Brendan just be a couple

Can Brendan just be a couple of years older?! He is sooo cute! I love him! Brendan, don't get too many girls chasing you. Tori already knows its going to happen. She said you're going to be a pimp! Love ya Brendan!


Brendan is SO CUTE!! I love him!! haha he IS a STUD!!! yeah Brenden. haha