T-shirts at the beach (back)

T-shirts at the beach (back)

The shirts

Well, there is a Gen X in Provo, and my mom and i were thinking...we could see if there is a way they can print them here and that might be an easier way to get them out here. Just an idea. We are going there tomorrow to see what its like and see if that could work.

Re: The shirts

Guy and I have found a place to make some shirts for us. We should have some by the weekend and I think everyone will like the design!! Please feel free though to check into other places as you wish. I'm sure with the creative people on this site we could come up with many, many different styles.

T-Shirts are on their way!

All, we realize how bad you would like one.

Heather and Eddie were so kind to provide a generous but limited amount of shirts to Tim.

We are working with them and others to figure out what would be the best way to get you guys shirts before school starts.

Stay tuned, we will let you know as soon as we found a way.

Kindest regards,


Those shirts are so awesome! I really want to get one! And thanks for teaching us at dance attack! My email's tinkerbelle_127@yahoo.com

Michelle Galbraith:)

eddie and heather

hey eddie and heather i love the t-shirts you made that say pray 4 tori on them.....thanks 4 telling me about the website in calss on thrusday cuz right when i got home i went on it.....well c u 2morrow.
luv always,


Hey you two! First of all i want to say thanks for teaching us at Dance Attack! Well i was wondering if i can get one of those tee shirts?!?! How much are they?!?!? Thanks you guys! email me back or comment me back! Flikbaby@msn.com

Mollee Gray


It is so nice that you were so touched by Tori's story. You were more than just a teacher for the girls. How awesome is that!
-Emily Hoover

That is the coolest thing Ive ever seen

Haha k, that is the coolest thing I have ever seen! I want one too! You two are so awesome! Thanks for caring so much, and keep PRAYING!


k those are the hottest t shirts! .. i think it is so great! haha i would totally love one too! .. eddie your so awsome , i think it is great that you care so much about tori ..it truly is neat!

I love these T-shirts...


I think those are really cool! Thank you for making and wearing them.

If possible, I would love to get one... he he.


Do you really want one?

Hey Whitney....
it's Heather. If you really want a shirt we will definitely get one made for you. Just let me know what color and size. Mine is a kids XL.(so either a small or medium for you probably)
why don't you just email me so we can get all of your info. spyder91@hotmail.com

-Heather :)


Eddie and Heather there are so many people who didnt get to go to the fundraiser for Tori. The shirts were out in a hearbeat. ME and a whole bunch of us at dance AND school want one and are willing to pay any price. so please please please send more! Thanks for all you do!!


Dang It..

Dang it.. i have to miss getting a shirt.. :( unless if annie or nicole wants to send me one in the mail. just kidding but i love you tori. and i am glad everything is going better. :)


i really want one! .. i guess i came to late to the fundraiser because there was absoloutly none left! .. if u could let us know when they arrive i would really like to get one .. thanks!!

hey i really want a shirt

hey i really want a shirt too and so if there are any to buy will you please email me at dancegurl208@msn.com and also i was wondering about celling the pray4tori braclets to help out!


YEAH!!! im so EXCITED for the shirts!!!I can't wait to get one! thanks SO much Tim!!!



The Pray4Tori T-Shirts will be here next Thursday. I ordered 175 of them in 11 different colors. You will definitely hear about it when they arrive. Now are sure you are willing to pay any price?!?! ;-)