T-shirts at the beach (front)

T-shirts at the beach (front)

You guys are so sweet!

You guys are so sweet to do this for Tori! You guys are so awesome and it was so much fun having you at dance attack! But when you get a shipment of them i'm sure everone at the studio and a ton of Tori's friends would want one so let us know! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Michelle Galbraith


well heck.. everybody wants one of these. i want one to. there awesome. you guys are the coolest! haha. i mean.. wow. you guys went all out. i looove it. you guys are simply the best and it would be sweet if we could see u again.. like.. comin and seein tori.. then doing a number.. you were my favorite. haha. i love you guys haha. so.. u should just make some orders and i guarantee everyone would llooovoee to have one. you guys are amazing to take the time and do this. shows u really care. thanks so much.
mckenzie lambright :)

I would love a shirt!!

I think that is awesome of you guys to do that! but if you order them i would also like one! i bet alot of toris friends would like one to and we would all wear them on the first day of schooL! haha well just tell me if you order them cause i really would want one, thank you so much!

~Amber Snow~

you guys are awsome!

hey, you guys are the coolest people ever! that is so sweet of you guys, that you care so much. how did you get those shirts? im one of toris best friends and i would really like one, to wear on the frist day of schoo1 haha. if you can tell me how to get one or how much to pay anything like that just keep me updated, thanks so much you guys are awesome.

Thats Awsome!

You guys are the BEST!!! I love the shirts! They are so cool. If you do end up ordering them i would love one! so just let us all know. Thanks so much!!
- Annie Davis

we should take orders

Hi Nicole...
We had the shirts made out here in San Diego at a store called Gen X. I know there is one in Bountiful, but I don't know if they do screen printing at that one. Eddie and I are thinking we should just take a mass order from you guys and get a bunch made. I think they ended up costing about $9.00 each...maybe a little less. We will try to figure something out since people seem to be interested. We'd love to do whatever we can for you guys. We were so inspired at Dance Attack and hope to see you guys again soon. I'll let you know as soon as we figure something out. Tell Tori we can't wait to meet her!
Heather and Eddie

hey thanks aton eddie and

hey thanks aton eddie and heather. ya just let me know if you guys order anymore , that would be awesome. im leaving tomorrow to lake powell tell the 20th and school starts the 22nd. so if you guys do end up doing something just let me or any of our dance friends know. thank you so much you guys are awesome

You two are awesome! I am so

You two are awesome! I am so impressed at what great people you are.
-Emily Hoover