PRAY4TORI bracelets

PRAY4TORI bracelets

The bracelets are in!!

I arranged for a large quantity of orange bracelets to be made and they have arrived. They read "PRAY4TORI".

We also used a member of Tori's stuffed animal 'strangling squad' to demo the bracelet :-)

The master plan is to give the bracelets away for a small donation towards the Tori Schmanski Fund. All of the Dance Club team members will be out and about looking for donations this weekend (August 4th-6th) at the Dance Attack in Park City, Utah where the Park City Arts Festival is being held as well. Posters and other items are also being prepared for this and other events.

We are going to come up with other creative ways to dispense the bracelets so don't worry all of you who will not be in Park City this weekend. More information will be coming soon.




Tim, I need A braclet AND a shirt! I got to get one! I don't know her all that well but..I really want to support your family because you all seem loving and really close to eachother! So yeah, how do I order one?


Re: Tim...

Where do you live Hanna? If you are close to Orem you can go to the Dance Club on Center Street or even to my home if you wish. Otherwise you can order anything online at this page All you need is your parents credit card :-) If none of that will work for you please send an email to and we will figure something out.

Thanks for all of your support Hanna!!


I just had to say..

I just had to say that this is a really cute picture of the PRAY 4 TORI bracelets.