Pray 4 Tori

Pray 4 Tori

I put this on the back of my motocross helmet, then at the races when people ask who Tori is I tell them the story, then i tell them to pray 4 her. My Friends Jace Blickenstaff and Zach Sondrup also put it on the back of there helmets.

Thank you!

Thank you for your thoughfulness. Tori's family in the Midwest really appreciates it! Auntie Jill

Helmet decal - nice touch

Brady, Jace and Zach,

that's really nice. Thank you for putting a 'pray4tori' sign on the back of your helmet.

Keep safe!

PS: for everyone else, It doesn't matter if you are going to your neighbors house or downhill mountain-biking at Dear Valley: When you get on something with 2 wheels -- wear a helmet please!