Tim and Maria Schmanski

Tim and Maria Schmanski

While being away for 3 days (Boston, MA), I found myself wondering a lot what Tim and Maria are feeling like. The questioning itself became overwhelming and I decided to try and not think about it as much.

Then came the time when I guessed what would help remind them what it is like to be strong together. Something came to mind:

This is a picture of Tim and Maria taken during Sophie and Guy's wedding in Paris, France. They arrived the morning of the wedding and despite that, they were both radiant! Their presence was a blessing and I never thanked them enough for coming.

Tim, Maria: you need to take care of yourselves just as much as Tori needs your help. That includes taking care of each other.

Tori, you have wonderful parents. They love you and it shows in everything they have done for you since your tragic accident and before that.


Tim and Maria

What an awesome picture!! I agree with Guy! We want you both healthy! Please take a few minutes a day for yourselves and each other... The other day when we came to the hospital... Tim was asleep on Maria's lap! That was so cute! You need those moments!
We all love you so much. You are doing an incrediable job taking care of Tori! She is so blessed to have you for her parents!
Love, Mare