Car Wash fundaiser group

Car Wash fundaiser group

There are a few girls missing but this is the bulk of the taskforce that ran the car wash during Tori's fundraiser.

They all did great!

You will find many more pictures from this day here.

Successful Car Wash

I just want the girls to know how proud I am of their hard work! I know Tori loves you guys so much and appreciates your efforts!
I just have to tell you all out there that so many people stopped just to ask us " Who is Tori?" and " What happened?" Once we told them the story they would get in line to get their car washed!
A lot of the people didn't know Tori but had seen signs around town and just wanted to help! It was very touching!
One truck came through with some boys that didn't know Tori at all. They rode in the back of the truck through the car wash... they were soaked! Then they wrote all over their truck... we love Tori!
Another car came through and it had two boys in it. One of the boys said he had seen Tori one time.... after they got their car all done, the boy yelled out of the car..... Hey! Can I get all of your phone numbers? Being the Mom there... I said in a hurry.... SEE YA !!!!!
These girls are such beauties!
Guy was so good at taking a million pictures. I took some with my instant camera and I have a great one of Guy that I will be posting soon, so watch for it. He is such a great friend to the Schmanski family. It would be great if we could all have a friend like him and Sophie!
Get better Tori! Keep fighting and come play with your friends soon!

Favorite pictures from the car wash...

These are some of my favorite pictures from the car wash...

You will find many more pictures from this day here.


Guy's amazing

all I have to say is Guy, you're amazing!

Car Wash video clips

Using Tim's camera, we made a few video clips during the car wash.

Girls dancing (I guess it is called dancing...)
Part One
Part Two

The Grease Monkey car wash sign reading "...For Tori..."
Check it out.


PS: About the dancing thing, the DVD produced during the showcase is great. It's hard to believe the girls on these pictures and video clips are the same as the amazingly talented young dancers performing on the DVD. But they are! Take care girls!

Incase you dont read the blogs : Slideshow of Tori's Pics/Friend

Open to Friends/Family/Relatives

I am making a slideshow of most of the pictures on this website. This will be able to be played in Windows Media Player. It will have: Carwash Pictures, Vacations, Dance, and much much more. The slideshow will be at least 5:00 Long. Make sure you have WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER because that is what it is designed to play in.

I will have it done by this Wedsnday, July 28th, 2005. Guy Lunardi has provided me with all the pictures (Thanks Guy).If you would like a copy please send me an e-mail and let me know. This file might be large so if I send it to you you must have a lot of storage space in your e-mail!

With Love,
Jake Hillman

Jake's slideshow is available online


Thank you very much for creating this great slide show for Tori. It is quite moving and very well done.

I have posted the entire slideshow online for everyone to enjoy. The file is quite large, over 43MB. I would not be surprised if the download took several minutes even on very fast internet connections.

As he mentioned, the file is in Microsoft's Windows Media Video format (WMV).

Thank you again Jake,

Thanks Guy.. My Slideshow is now on the Internet

Thanks to Guy the slideshow that i dedicated to Tori is Now ONLINE! It will take a while to download because it is a large file.. I hope everyone that will/has watched it has found it motivatioal or something to start their day off w/ something nice. The music was requested by Natalie C. (one of Tori's Friends) she said that Tori liked to Listen to Hanging By a thread- Jan Arden so i decided to put it in.. If i recieve more pics about Tori [from family or Guy] i will make another slideshow ..just let me know would be happy to do it. I think i will be putting them on DVD's.. I will only charge like 1.50 for the dvd or you can send me a blank DVD and send me a stamp or 2 to send it back.. [IMPORTANT.. the DVD's Must be DVD+ not DVD-.. Cannot burn if it is a DVD-]

Any Questions or Comments Let me know
Jake Hillman-

Thank you for the slideshow Jake

The slideshow is very well done Jake and I have heard that stirring song many times on Tori's ipod. When the pictures are applied there is a definite emotional impact. Tori watched most of the slideshow today and I know she recognizes that song because it moves her as well.

Thank you very much again,