Kara's NYCDA finals '05 - Too Darn Hot

Kara's NYCDA finals '05 - Too Darn Hot

Kara was kind enough to provide these images. we will be adding the descriptions very soon :-)

Little Rascals

Hey Teen Co girls... remember this? haha okay here we go.. We're going to the race, we're gunna win first place, and you have an ugly face!!
haha just thought I'd bring up that little memory haha Pizza Hut remember aha Tori was on the floor laughing at me because I'm just one funny looking girl haha yeah good times...Love you all!!


Kara...i totally remember that!! it was SO FUN!!! awww good times good times i luv yeah

Too Darn Hot

Bree, Kourtney, Kara, Abigail, Nicole, Kenzie, Haylee, Annie, Mollee, Caitlin...we're just Too Darn Hot! haha