October 19th, 2009 Update

Tori remains in the ICU but her breathing and awareness is steadily improving. She does run slight fevers now and then but all tests are negative for pneumonia or H1N1. H1N1 can only be officially ruled out after 72hrs so she will still have some more time in the ICU until she is cleared....

She is also getting precautionary antibiotics at this time and they continue to clear her lungs of very thick secretions. They are thankfully pulling less and less out each time and reducing her oxygen assistance as well.

So all positive news at this point as she continues her recovery from this latest episode. We remain very eager to leave the PCMC as there is an extreme amount of Flu, H1N1, Influenza and other contagious cases throughout the hosptial. We remain masked at all times and the PCMC will not allow visitors that are 14 or under. No doubt the sooner Tori, Maria and I are out of here the better.

Thank you all for your love and support.

The Schmanski Family
Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan