Saturday, April 19th through Tuesday, May 27th

Hello again everyone it's been way too long since my last entry...

Tori is doing well and there are no issues with her to report. Her daily routine continues with various therapies throughout the week and it is finally getting warm enough to bring her outside again. She is spending more and more time now outdoors on our deck. We will also begin getting her out and about more on shopping trips and excursions to movies and the like. Tori still loves the summer just as she always has!!

The past couple of months have certainly been more challenging and difficult for Maria and I in relation to Tori. Seeing and sharing with all of her friends who are graduating from high school, from their various dance teams and seeing them carefully planning their entries into adulthood makes us realize just how much Tori, and all of us, have lost in this life... The college offers also continue to arrive during the week but I don't have the courage to respond that Tori will not be attending. I just can't. It seems lately the emotional ups and downs are in their vicious cycle often and all we are trying to do is remain as steady and as focused as we possibly can without dwelling too long at either end. All we can do is attempt to manage the loss, pain and sorrow that is always present and always will be.

We would like to thank the Timpanogos Dance Club for all of their love and support and for the outstanding dance finale held a few weeks ago. Maria, Tori, Whitney and I attended and they dedicated a particular dance to Tori and I will try to get it on YouTube when I can because it was wonderful. There are always smiles but mostly tears at occasions like this when Tori is around all of her friends. Tori usually begins very attentive and excited while around them and can always recognize them as well. But her tears begin just as the visit nears end because she knows she can't go with them... And then the tears begin for everyone else around her. Thank you girls and we love each and every one of you. We know it's not easy for any of you either and we greatly appreciate your involvement in Tori's life both before and after her injury.

Life is unpredictable, live each day to the fullest and do all you can to fulfill your potential.

Thank you for the continued love, prayers and support for Tori and our family,
The Schmanski's - Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan

More Stem Cells

Hi Schmanski's!

It's been quite a while since I've been here, but you are still in my thoughts and prayers.

It seems that everyone with a brain injury has been returning to China for more stem cells. We are in the planning stages to take Shawna ( back for more stem cells. Currently, I am investigating going to The Dominican Republic as opposed to China though. There is a Dr. William Rader of Medra Inc. ( who says he can help Shawna. So far I've read a few negative articles, but don't give them much weight in my decision to take Shawna. Mostly because they are opposing stem cell treatments, not the doctor himself. The good part of going to The Dominican Republic for treatment is that it will be done in one weekend!

Are you thinking of taking Tori for more stem cells? You don't comment much in that area. We have seen enough progress in Shawna since we took her to China to warrant us going for another round of stem cells. Hopefully, with persistence, we will get our precious daughter back some day.

In any event, we are still out here and feel your pain. Tori and Shawna are so much alike it's heart-wrenching. Actually, Tori is doing a little better than Shawna, so I really look forward to your comments. Shawna's accident was 4 1/2 years ago and we will never give up looking for and trying anything possible for our miracle!

God Bless,
Lorraine Weil (Shawna's Mom)


It's Tammy from

I've lost your email address and I hope it is okay for me to extend this offer to you via Tori's blog.

I have just been asked to be the managing editor for a new blog, 5 Minutes For Special Needs Moms. It will be a sister site linking directly off of Some people may recognize the hugely popular giveaways this blog offers, along with the popular Wordless Wednesdays, Blogging Parties, etc.

This blog gets a mind boggling amount of traffic.

I'm looking for contributors for 5 Minutes For Special Needs Moms and I thought of you, Maria and Tori. I'd love it if you would consider writing an essay every once in awhile....or better yet on a regular basis, for this new blog. I know your desire to get the awareness of the benefits of stem cell therapy out there and this would be an excellent opportunity to do just that.

I know how busy you are and want you to know we would love these contributions to be from you AND Maria or Maria alone. Just in case the whole 5 Minutes for MOM thing freaks you out some. :)

And truth be told, I'd love to hear Maria's voice in your family's daily experiences.

I am willing to work totally within your and Maria's schedules. In other words when you have time for an essay, simply let me know and I will schedule you in. How's that for relaxed?

You can get it touch with me at or via the comment section of Parker's blog.


Tammy, Parker's Mom

a voice from the past

I am so glad to see Tori's progress.Even though sometimes it seems like small steps they seem huge to me. I have to tell you that I did something new down in Texas. I am now a certified teacher of Special Needs Children in School and have just finished my first year teaching in the 8th grade of an inner city school.

Tori has been an inspiration to me for quite a while and I just wanted to let you know that. Thanks Tim and Maria and all the family for still sharing her life and her impact with everyone. You all are hero's in my book.


It's good to hear that Tori is doing well. Don't ever give up on her. She is your daughter and her life is valued more than you know. It nice to know Tori is being cared for so well and compassionately. I wish to I could say the same for Lauren Richardson in Delaware. The father Randy is desperately trying to stop Lauren's mother from starving and dehydrating Lauren to death. Randy want more than anything in the world to be able to take Lauren home and to care for just like Tori is being cared. Unfortunately, the courts won't allow Randy this hear felt request and Lauren's life is in danger from Right to Die beasts. It is a terrible situation and Lauren hasn't recieved an ounce of formal therapy is over 13 months under the expressed orders of the mother and the courts. Randy visits with Lauren nearly every night and tries to give Lauren some minimal therapy and the mother barely visits her at all. Lauren has daughter which she has never seen. The mother and courts refuse Lauren to allow to see her duaghter. It is a terrible situation but alot of people are coming to support of Lauren's life.

Praying for both Tori and Lauren.

Encouraging words

I felt so glad to see a new update after all this time, but then I felt so sad when I read about how hard it is to see all of Tori's friends wrapped up in the excitement of graduating high school and going to college, whereas she cannot do any of this. :( I don't blame you for feeling down about that!! Whether or not Tori will be able to "catch up" in the future remains to be seen, but I'm still optimistic that as stem cell therapies get more fine-tuned, and as other therapies come along that we might not even know about today, that Tori's situation WILL improve faster and better! :D

After all, who even imagined, back in the 1980s when people were dropping like flies from deadly and then-mysterious AIDS, that today there would be drug therapies which, for many people, can keep the virus safely in check for seemingly the rest of the infected people's lives? :)

I also wanted to say that I was very encouraged to read that Tori cries toward the end of the visits with her friends. That to me PROVES that she has the same thoughts and emotions now as before the accident. After all, our eyes well up with tears for only two reasons: a physical irritation, or a strong emotion. Obviously Tori's case is the latter. :) And the smiley is not to make light of her sadness/frustration, but because -- as you said -- she knows the visit is coming to an end and knows she can't be with her friends and do what they're doing.

As always, I'm continuing to think/send good thoughts for Tori! Even though I've never met her or any of your family, I feel like I know her and you to some degree, and I bet that if I did meet you all, I'd like you! :) So, here's to more and more recovery in Tori's future!

Shari in California

P.S. Please excuse any lame typos or grammar boo-boos. I'm at work right now and don't have time to reread everything I just wrote! *blush*