Sending our ongoing prayers

Hi again,
So glad the website got fixed. I was unable to post for sooo long. I want you to know that I continue to check in on all of you. I feel as though you are friends even though we've never met or even spoken. I continue to pray for Tori and your family. In reading your last update, it sounded very much like what another family was going through, the sudden flu with no one else sick. Only their's was much worse. It took about 4 weeks (and 4 hospitals )to determine that he was actually having baclofen withdrawal. Something to do with the refill of the pump and type of medication that doctor used. I was just wondering if you had heard or know what to watch for in baclofen withdrawal. It got by some of our best doctors for weeks here, looking like a virus then autonoumic dysfunction then anxiety then infection.

Anyways, visit for more info.

And with that, I send my love and prayers for all of you, especially your beautiful Tori. May God bless and hold her tight in His incredible comforting love.

Diana Palumbo

P.S. Did you ever check into Germany where they use the persons own stem cells?
Sounding kind of interesting to me......

Re: Sending our ongoing prayers

Thank you for checking in on Tori and our family Diana. I also check Samantha's site and many others quite regularly. We can never stop searching for solutions to help improve our daughters lives. We don't believe Tori's recent bouts of illness are baclofen pump related at this point as she has been tracking well using it and the refills are now electronically monitored. She always has a quite a bit left over when she gets a refill. We think she is just catching what the rest of us have been getting.

I have actually seen that stem cell center and there are now so many others who use ones own stem cells and stem cells from others. I'm watching them closely to determine if we will try any new stem cell procedures with Tori in the future.

Thank you for your support and I wish the best for Samantha and your family.