Help and Support - Linda Evans Shepherd lives in Colorado which not far from Utah.

She is a Christian speaker who speaks about Christian things.

Linda Shpeherd is special because she has a daughter named Laura that she has cared for many years who similiar to Tori.

Perhaps you might someday contact Linda to see if she would like to offer support for Tori. Perhaps Tori and Laura may want to meet someday.

Pray for Tori.

God Bless,



This is a 12 minute 60 Minutes special about Brain injured people. It talks about how they have been misdiagnosised and have been waking up. They mention the sleeping pill treatment. I know you mentioned that has been ineffective for Tori. But there is always hope. Stem Cell Therapy seems to be the best hope today.

The also mention the fMRI as being able to access consciousness in patients.

I have learned that the most advanced fMRI machines in the world can be found in New York and Belgium.

The segment also mentions George Melendez's family. Perhaps you can contact them as well to see what help and support they may be able to provide.

Try this link too:

Praying for Tori!

God Bless,