sending our love to your beautiful daughter


Just a quick note to send our love and prayers your way. I'm praying that Tori is doing okay and that you've just been too busy to post a new update in a while. I have to admit, I get a little worried when a lot of time has passed in between updates. Tori grabbed my heart from the moment I read her story in 2006 and she is with me and in my prayers all the time.

Love and positive thoughts for all of you,

in His love,
Diana Palumbo


You must the mother of Samantha Palumbo:

I hope she is doing OK. You and Schamnaski's share the same situation. Perhaps you share compare notes on what to do and for support.

Proud mom of Samantha!

Yes, I am the mother of Samantha Palumbo and my heart knows what the Schmanski's are feeling sometimes. It's such a rollercoaster and you go through sooo many emotions and stages, the one thing that for me is a constant is the sadness and ache that I know live with and try to find joy, in spite of it. But Samantha and Tori have different kinds of brain injury and our journey's to recovery are different too. Tori reminds me of Samantha from the pictures I've seen of Tori and her friends and family. What sweet girls, strong and determined too obviously! You're right, we families do learn an awful lot from each other. God is asking us to help each other in life, isn't He? Keep praying for both these girls.