Wednesday through Sunday, September 5th through 16th

Good morning,

Time seems to be flying by and summer is officially over unfortunately... Most of Tori's wounds on her feet are now healed and her feet are looking almost totally normal. We now need to get the AFO's re sized a little so she doesn't get the pressure sores. Tori's health, anxiety and behavior has been pretty stable and consistent since my last update though she is about due for another set of botox injections. We can tell because her arms and shoulders are tightening up again and she is beginning to raise her left arm up over her face more frequently. When she does that she also has a tendency to put her hand and fingers in her mouth and she currently has some cuts and scrapes from doing so.... We are trying to schedule for more botox during the beginning of October.

Brendan and Whitney are well into the school year now and are enjoying it for sure. I have been traveling a little more lately for work which is always keeping me busy and Maria continues to provide daily outstanding love and care for Tori. Maria's mother, Grandma Harris, also has been spending most of the days during the week at our house helping out as well. She typically leaves home for the weekend and we greatly appreciate her love and support!! Thank you Grandma Harris!! :-) My parents, Grandma and Grandpa Schmanski, should be arriving from their summer visiting of family later during this week.

Thank you all so much!!

The Schmanski Family

Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan