Wednesday Through Monday, August 1st through 6th

Hello again,

I had another couple of business travel days last week and Maria and Brendan are still in San Francisco enjoying some down time as I am typing this. They should return tomorrow evening. Grandma Harris, Whitney and I have been taking good care of Tori I am happy to report she is still doing quite well. She is still sleeping great, has very good awareness and is rarely agitated as of late.

Whitney, Tori and I went to see "Bourne Ultimatum" over the weekend and Tori watched almost the entire movie. She took a slight nap in the middle of it though I don't know how she did given how loud that movie was. She was wearing headphones for most of the movie as well. It seems to me like Tori's awareness has been at a very high level lately. She tracks people, birds, Tinker's the dog and even bee's with relative ease. When I am throwing the ball with Tinker's Tori follows it's trajectory from the deck and even turns her head as needed on long throws. If I throw it straight into the air she will follow it accurately as well. This is all great news of course and I haven't observed this level of attention to these activities even though they have been occurring all spring and summer.

Tori is also making serious attempts to roll onto her back when she is positioned on her side. The problem is her casts are so heavy she can't pick her legs up and swing then over to complete the roll over. We'll see what she can do once those casts are off again.

There was another interesting and promising article this week on Deep Brain Stimulation. I researched this option for Tori a while back but for her spasticity and muscle tone issues. Perhaps it is worth another serious look.

Thank you all for the continued love and support for Tori and our family,



This is a web site that catalogs numerous anoxic brain injured children across the US and in other countries who were injured as result of near drowning.

It shows brief case histories, the therapies they have undergone and some of their personal web sites.

This is truly for dedicated parents who care for the brain injured children.

Below is listed of the therapies tried.

Some of them are aggressive. Some of them are rather simple.

But, they all have one goal in mind; to improve the quality of life for the brain injured child.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT)

Cranial Sacral




Vital Stim Therapy

FGF2 injections

ITB pump (Baclofen pump)

Ayurvedic Oil Therapy


Motor Sensory Stimulation

Pet Therapy

Stem Cells

Some of the most interesting case histories or web sites are the following:

Don't give up. There is always hope!