The longest day of their lives (literally)

Maria, Tori and Tim have made it to Los Angeles, California. In a matter of minutes now, they will be together with Brendan, Whitney, Grandpa, Grandma, Cupcake, Thumbs and Tinkerbell. The house will be full again as a family gets re-united.

As they are on the last stretch home, I wanted to make everyone realize that they all just lived the Longest day of their lives.

For matter of simplification, I am going to cheat a tiny bit on the hours so that it is easier to remember.

Maria, Tori and Tim left Shanghai at Midnight (00:00) on the morning of Tuesday the 12th. As of 8:30pm mountain standard time, it is/was still Tuesday the 12th for them and it has been for over 35 hours! Now it is/was only 8:30pm at the time and they would have just landed in Salt Lake City. So another 45 minutes drive away from home + 30 minutes to get the luggages from baggage claim and loading the cars. In the end, it is very like that their February 12th 2007 will have lasted for over 37 hours.

There is a tiny detail as well. The day started at midnight. The flight from Shanghai to Paris is a late night departure. This means they have been up all day on the 11th before that.

So they could have had:
- breakfast in Paris by getting there at 5:30am
- lunch in Los Angeles by getting there at 12:50pm
- dinner in Salt Lake City by getting there at 8:30pm

Looking to make sure I didn't make mistakes with the flights and timezones, I found out something interesting... Today's flight AF0111 from Shanghai (PVG) to Paris (CDG) was canceled! There were meant to come home today I suppose.


back in the USA

Tim and family it is such a relief to have all of you back together again in the USA. All of you will still be in my prays every day. Get some rest and just update when you can.

We made it home!!! :-)

Finally!!! After 44 TOTAL HOURS OF TRAVELLING we are once again HOME!!! That travel time is from the time we left the XiaoShan Hospital in Hangzhou, China to the time we arrived at our home in Orem, Utah.

Tori did remarkably well on the long, long trip and I'll provide an update on it tomorrow.

Thanks again for all of your support and this SCT trip wouldn't have been possible without all of YOU!!!

Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan