Tribute Video for Tori

Brittany made a wonderful tribute video for Tori that I would like to share with all of you. Select the YouTube link or the Windows Media Video link below and enjoy!! Please tell all of your friends and let's see how many YouTube views Tori can get!! Thank you so much Brittany for your support and this touching contribution.

Thank You!!

Hi! I'm the Brittany that made the tribute and just wanted to say thank you for all the thanks! Tori is such an amazing girl with an amazing support group! She is so lucky to have all of you! And thanks to Tim for putting the video on the site! It meant so much for me to make it and the more people that see it the more prayers Tori will have! I'm glad everyone likes it! Keep fighting Tori!!
~Love Brittany~

Tori Is The Bravest Girl Iv Ever Heard Of

Well Done for making that beautiful video of Tori. I have been a member of Tori's website for 1 year and 19 weeks now, but have been looking on it long before that because of some of the amazing friends Tori has. They told me to come look on Tori's website, and after reading what happened to her it made me cry not just of sadness but happiness too. Just to see what Tori had gone through and survived was a miracle. Something must have prevented Tori from leaving you, and i believe that that was god knowing it wasnt Tori's time to go, he knew you needed Tori with you. All my prayers go out to all of Tori's Family and friends, you have made Tori's story travel around to world and you now have thousands of people from different places sharing their love and their hope for Tori to get better.
With the amount of Determination Tori has there is a huge chance she will soon be dancing again. I for one really want to see her show of the amazing talent she has.
I will be looking forward to hearing of Tori's progress in the future and wish her all the best.


Oo.Tori Is In Our Dreams.oO

Great Video

Mckenzie and I have watched the video the other night really late.. It made us both cry. Thank you so much Brittany for including Kenzies words in it. We both do try alot harder in life now at everything because of Tori. She is with us every day!

I am so amazed that Tori made the paper in China! WOW! How awesome is that? Tim, this is really a tribute to you! You have done so much to get the awareness out there for your daughter! You and Guy have done so much to get Tori known around the world! It is so fun to see people from other countries on the web site sending Tori their prayers and love! Thanks to all of you!

lOVE Mare and Kenzie

The Video

That Video of Tori is just amazing, it shows you all the great smiles of Tori and the some of the few that love Tori. You did a great job on it.

Thank you!~

Thank you so much for making that, i am sure, it meant the world to alot of people... I know that if we all pray 4 Tori, a miracle will happen! We all love tori, and just because some of us havnt met her, doesnt mean we dont care!


Brittany - This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a GREAT job!

Loved the Video!!

I loved this video, it made me cry! Good luck with everything on this your trip. Hopefully the least it will do is make life a little easier for you and Tori. Your family is always in our daily prayers.
-Emily Hoover

thank you

Wow!! Thank you so much for that video Brittany! I'm at The Dance Club right now working in the store..and I'm extremely bored but that video definitely changed my thought. Thank you so much!

Beautiful tribute!!

What a beautiful tribute to tori!!! She has such a great group of friends!!! I am so glad she has such tremendous support from her friends!!! That is Awesome!!!
My daughter Camron and I (she is 5) Sent a balloon up to heaven for my father and we wrote a note on it and added Tori's name to the balloon. We asked for him to pray for Tori!!!
I hope all of your wishes come true!!!! Tell Tori to hang in there!!!
Kristen and Camron