Seven Peaks water park on June 18th '05 (close-up)

Seven Peaks water park on June 18th '05 (close-up)

McKenzie will be home soon so we better get going on the photographs from the poster. You will find a bunch of new scans in the Friends' pictures gallery.

best hug i ever got!!

i love this picture! this was the last day i saw tor before the accident! we only got to talk for a little bit.. but it was worth every minute! she gave me a big hug and went home after!

well.. i am here.. these are

well.. i am here.. these are all pictures from the poster i made for the concert. yeah.. this was at seven peaks.. me and tori already went that week and nicole just got back from girls camp. we had soo much fun. never thoguht it would end. its mollee, toriii, nicole, and alexis.. of couarse i'm not in it.. i took it haha. cool backround tho.. cuz.. like.. it was lookin up at them. what cuties. i love tori. look at her. just makes ya smile

mckenzie lambright :)

7 peaks

this was right before tori got in a accident. this was our first time at 7 peaks for the year. at least mine i think. mckenzie was laying down and took a picture of all of us. that was a fun day haha well. i love ya tori. i just barely got back from new york. everyone did awewsome. ali won outstanding dancer. jrs won critics choice. it was awesome. and dont worry about missing travis. dang he cut his hair off. hes still amazing, but no. we got ya some stuff though from him. so ya better be awake when we come and give them to you haha i love you!!!

Picture #10

This picture was taken at the Seven Peaks water park on June 18th, one day before the accident.