The Journey from Orem, Utah, USA to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China - Part5

Tori, Tim and Maria have not contacted us this morning. They should have landed in Paris and transferred to their flight to Shanghai by now.

Information provided by FlightView.

Again, we are not sure if they are onboard but will try to find out.

Fortunetely, there are 2 flights direct between Paris and Shanghai later today for them to take if they didn't get on the first one.


Tori, Tim and Maria

I hope that your trip for the next 32 days is great. I also hope and pray that it will help tori in her in her road to recovery! I wish you the best of luck!!!

Thanks Guy

Guy you will never know how many people that are pray for Tori on this trip. I am sure everything is ok but it is better to know for sure. Again thanks for all of your posts.

Thank you Guy!

Thank you Guy, for keeping us informed. We'll wait anxiously for any further news and hope they do not have any more delays or problems. Shirley