Tori Merry christmas

Hey Tim
I can not advise you legally but it will get better. I had a Chinise doctor work with Debbie 3 time a week for 1.5 years and learned too much. Every one has to follow there own path. Tori is with me all the time I can never get her out of my thoughts and your family also it will get better with time I know first hand. From what I read you have some of the best doctors. In china will you be the same place a Michael. Peg tube and baclefin pump you have worked out. I am always with Tori like the air you breath but can not see gods will be done. I can tell you will never need me but I will always be here if you do. Merry Christmas to every one in your family and our prays our with Tori always.

Happy New Year

Wishing your family a great New Year and it will get better. Thinking of Tori many times a day.

Re: Tori Merry christmas


Thank you for your post and I want you to know that I follow Debbie's website and many, many others on an almost daily basis. Your support for Debbie on the past three and a half years has been an inspiration to me and I want you to know that. Your devotion to Debbie and her well being is unprecedented and is an example that I hope to continue to follow with Tori. We can NEVER give up. Thank you for keeping Tori and our family in your thoughts and prayers and Debbie and your entire family will remain in ours as well.


Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan