Tori at the 'Art for Heart' concert

Tori at the 'Art for Heart' concert

Beautiful Tori at the 'Art for Heart' concert in SLC November 4th, 2006.


She Looks Gorgeous.

oh my

She looks absolutely gorgeous and alert and from what I have read seems to be doing so good.

Love to all of you from Texas


so pretty

Didn't Maria do a great job on Tori's makeup? She told me that Tori loved getting makeup on ... she looked so beautiful..

ahh tori love :)

ahh tori love looked sooo good at art with heart!!! i saw her and i just started to freakin cry my eyes out!!! ahhh i miss her lots and lots!!! keep praying guys!! miracles happen!! la la la... ya know the song!!! ahh i love youuuuuuuuuuu :)

Re: Tori at the 'Art for Heart' concert

I hope you guys had a good time at the concert. I took the liberty to remove Tori's red eyes from the photo so that everyone could appreciate her beautiful eyes.

Have a great weekend,

She looked beautiful!

She looked SO beautiful today!! She is so pretty all of the time!!
Michelle Galbraith