Palm trees and friends...

Palm trees and friends...

I did not know where this picture was taken but please see Kara's comment. Thank you Kara.

yes this trip was so fun!

yes this trip was so fun! last year nationals. aww. it was us everyday. this was at our hotel on our way to go play at disneyworld!! yay!

mckenzie lambright :)

i loved this trip!!

ahh!!! yeah that nationals was way way wayyy fun!!! it's fun to go to different nationals ya know instead of just the same old ones!! but yeah that was fun!!! went to disneyworld everyday and went swimming at night that was fun!!! ha ha yeah well love ya!!!
Angel Ercanbrack

picture in florida

this picture was taken at the hotel in Florida last year at the Company Dance Nationals in Walt Disney World.
Kara Hill-Teen Company Member,best friend