McKenzie and Tori

McKenzie and Tori

This is the second photograph that needed to be captured off the poster. If these two do not look like they belong together, I am not sure who would.

i love you tori

aww this makes me want to cry. this was in my old room. we were just on our way out the door.. to who knows where.. go play somewhere and i just wanted a picture so i just grabbed her and took this picture. it was last summer.. 2004.. aw i love this picutre. i am so glad i took it. and yes.. we do belong together.. i need my tori
mckenzie lambright :)

Happy Sweet 16 Mckenzie!!!

Happy birthday Kenzie!! We hope you have a great birthday today and we love you very much!! Thank you for all of the friendship, love and support you provide for Tori. I know she misses you and all of her friends greatly and she will be home soon to see and be with you all once again.

The Schmanski's

Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan

Happy Birthday Kenzie

You are not quite 250 year-old yet but 16 is just as important.

While Europe is celebrating Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, I am sure that you will get your share of the fun this weekend :-).

Happy Birthday,
-Sophie et Guy