*PrAy 4 ToRi*

*PrAy 4 ToRi*

Hey, i havent posted anything on here for a while so.. heres some pictures of tori that i put together! hope you like it!!


I never knew Tori, but alot of my friends did and they say that she was an amazing girl. I know that she was, I can just tell by the way everyone talks about her. I pray 4 Tori evernight, and I will keep praying for her.

This is so awesome!

Arielle! this is so amazing I LOVE IT!! good work.
Michelle Galbraith

hey, thats me! hahaha

hhaha i just figured out that that body, the one with the blue shirt that has the pray 4 Tori on it, its me! haha. Just wanted you all to know that he he. I'm famous! just kidding. haha

I love it!

I love it!! This is my favorite one! Thanks for your work, its beautiful!