If I can help

My wife's injury was 4/4/03 and has alot in commen with Tori. I know more than I want to know about TBI. I keep a journal at www.debbierich.com if I can help at all let me know. All injury are different but also have alot in common. Debbie can't talk but being with her 24/7 you learn fast. I found with time tone will decrease and if meds don't change atrophy will have a impact on recovery. When Debbie came home still a sleep we used a tilt table. After a year a standing frame was used. I know people that did not weight bear on there legs for years and now there bones are to brittle to stand. Every day Debbie wakes up more and more and with time the brain can heal but when that time comes the muscles still have to be in tact. After 3 years E-Stem is still so important. You are one of the most positive people that I can see by your posts. Time is the answer and it does get better. I would like to put a link on Debbie's page to Tori's page. I know your story can make a differance in other TBI's lifes.

Re: If I can help

Thanks Jerall for your comments. When I approved your user account a week ago I spent some time out on the www.debbierich.com site and I am very impressed and inspired by the love and support that exists in your family. I would encourage everyone who accesses this site to spend some time there where Jerall and Amber have provided daily updates since April 4th, 2003 when Debbie's accident occurred. I have learned a great deal from the site and I have much, much more to review and learn. I read your updates everyday Jerall and unfortunately we share much of your pain but we also share in many of your and Debbie's triumphs as well.

Thank you again and our prayers are with your family,

Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan