Tori's Smile

Hi Schmanski's;
I'm glad to hear Tori's surgerys went well. I can't wait to hear what she does next. Now that those tubes are out of the way, do one thing for me, give her a kiss from all of us here in Minnesota.

I had to laugh when I was reading Kourtney's note to Tori. She said she was going to break into Tori's house and steal her Ipod so Tori could listen to it at the hosiptal. Kourtney must has got her point across. What a wonderful bunch of friends. Girls, Tori is going to need all of you more than ever now! I have no doubt you will be there for her.

Hang in there everyone!

Love, Janine, Bruce, Kristin & Cameron Kopff

Happy Belated Birthday, Tim!

And we know what your birthday wish is. I know you may have heard this, but it bears repeating, there is a lot of love and prayers for all of you coming from Minnesota. This website is a wonderful idea to keep us all in touch. It is especially wonderful to see and feel that Tori and all of you have so many thoughtful and caring people to look after you. So for all of those special people, thank you from those of us who can't be there. And even though we can't physically be there, you are certainly in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of Love - Jennifer, Janelle & Jonathan