This site is dedicated to Tori and everyone who loves her. It should allow all of us to share our feelings for her and our stories about her. We will also enter all updates on Tori's condition and progress to this site. Please feel free to direct others to this site for information on Tori. We thank all of you greatly for your love, prayers, thoughts and support. -- The Schmanski Family

Tori and friends - March 2008

Sending our ongoing prayers

Hi again,
So glad the website got fixed. I was unable to post for sooo long. I want you to know that I continue to check in on all of you. I feel as though you are friends even though we've never met or even spoken. I continue to pray for Tori and your family. In reading your last update, it sounded very much like what another family was going through, the sudden flu with no one else sick. Only their's was much worse. It took about 4 weeks (and 4 hospitals )to determine that he was actually having baclofen withdrawal. Something to do with the refill of the pump and type of medication that doctor used. I was just wondering if you had heard or know what to watch for in baclofen withdrawal. It got by some of our best doctors for weeks here, looking like a virus then autonoumic dysfunction then anxiety then infection.

Anyways, visit for more info.

And with that, I send my love and prayers for all of you, especially your beautiful Tori. May God bless and hold her tight in His incredible comforting love.

Diana Palumbo

P.S. Did you ever check into Germany where they use the persons own stem cells?
Sounding kind of interesting to me......

Tori by the Christmas tree

Tori by the Christmas tree

Here is Tori by a Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas

Wishing a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Tori and her loving family. God Bless you all!

Update on the Brain Injury Network:

Michael Mobley from is currently in China undergoing his second Stem Cell Therapy treatment. Please pray for him.

Chris Barnes is going for his second Stem Cell Therapy treatment in China in March of 2008. Please pray for him as well.

Kathleen Davery's family continues to push for stem cell therapy and treatment.

Perhaps Tori will go for second Stem Cell treatment in China someday. It might very helpful to communicate with these families to see how the stem cell treatments go.

My mom who is hospice nurse has told that stem cell research is just beginning and in the next 10 to 15 years, radical new medical developments will occur because of it and other things as well. It is just a matter of time.

God Bless,


Help and Support - Linda Evans Shepherd lives in Colorado which not far from Utah.

She is a Christian speaker who speaks about Christian things.

Linda Shpeherd is special because she has a daughter named Laura that she has cared for many years who similiar to Tori.

Perhaps you might someday contact Linda to see if she would like to offer support for Tori. Perhaps Tori and Laura may want to meet someday.

Pray for Tori.

God Bless,


Tori's Recovery (Suggestion)

Dear Schmanski Family,

I know you receive suggestions constantly about what to try for Tori and I actually suggested this over a year ago and just wanted to give you the info again in case you feel it is something you are open to for Tori now.

This website is the site of Melinda Lee. She uses the energy healing technique called Theta Healing and it is changing and improving peoples lives. On her site there is a Fox News story you can see for more information. I have witnessed incredible benefits for people with everything from MS to Migraines to emotional stress and depression to chronic pain. The treatment sessions can be done over the phone, in her office or she could probably come to you, (she lives in Orem as well). If you have any questions you can email her or call, that info is also on her website.

I am sure you, more than anyone, would love to see Tori 100% again and I feel this could be great assistance to you.

Best Wishes Always,
Alicia Green

Some Hope to consider for Tori

Perhaps you may wish to investigate this further to see it this is feasible for Tori.

Hope All is well with Tori.

God Bless,


Tori taking a nap in Ryland's bed

Tori taking a nap in Ryland's bed

Here is Tori taking a nap in Ryland's bed.

Monday September 17th through Thursday October 4th

Hello again,

I apologize in advance for yet another long overdue update... Tori is currently in dire need of the next round of botox and phenol injections as her arms, shoulders and upper back are very, very tight and uncontrollable at times. Thankfully she is scheduled for the injections on October 5th. As I mentioned in the the last update, Tori has the tendency to raise her left arm and hand over her head when she is agitated or uncomfortable which is now quite often. Many times she lifts her poor left hand right into her mouth which where her teeth continue to cut up her hand of course... Primarily her left pinky finger which is now constantly bandaged as we try and heal it up. We have resorted to placing and sometimes taping an oven mitt on that hand to prevent further damage. She can raise it and get it in her mouth faster than you can imagine... Maria also had the unfortunate experience of getting her finger caught in Tori's mouth during an agitated phase and Tori clamped onto it and wouldn't let go. Thankfully Whitney was home at the time and heard Maria screaming then helped calm Tori enough for her to let go... Not really fun times...

Another issue we are closely watching is the fact that since Tori's tendon release surgery on her ankles her feet are now both twisting and almost laying flat towards the right. It seems to be originating form her hips and her left knee continues to be hyper extended. We will need to get some guidance on those issues from the Orthopedic physicians and the Shriner's Hospital. We also need to get her AFOs resized and refitted during that visit aas she cannot wear them in their current state.

Alright, that is enough of the bad news... On the good news front, Tori has a new PT (Physical Therapist) named Cari who is visiting twice per week for just over an hour. She works very well with Tori and focuses on Tori's entire body. She is certainly the best PT we have had in the home working with Tori. Sure, she makes Tori scream at times much more than Maria and I would but it is dearly needed. She has already improved Tori's range of motion in many problem areas like her shoulders, elbows and knees. Tori's wrists are still very tight and she resists the stretching of her fingers and thumbs the most... Tori is exceptionally strong. If she doesn't want you to move anybody part she can halt it as needed. That is why it is so important to get her interaction and hopefully relaxation during the stretching.

Tori with her brother and cousins

Tori with her brother and cousins

Here is Tori with her brother and cousins at the Olive Garden.